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 2018 Rates

  • Kayaks $30/day*
  • Canoes $40/day*

* all rentals include paddles and life jackets

Our  rates are for a full day on the river.  We do ask that you be off the  river between 6-7pm.  The boat ramps along the water trail are between  2-3.5 miles apart.  This can be broken up many different ways depending  on how much time you want to spend on the river. Most trips down the  river will take 4-5 hours but the boats are rented for the entire day.

Shuttle  services are also available.  Vehicles are left at the exit site.  We  will shuttle your group to your desired launch site. There you will  begin your venture down river.  When you get to the desired exit point,  simply carry your boats to the top of the ramp, and give us a call.   Leave the equipment in the boats and be on your way.

About Us

Explore a Scenic Iowa River

The Middle?South Raccoon River water trail travels  through some of the most beautiful scenery the state has to  offer.  Enjoy the lush natural landscape and even catch a glimpse of  some of the wildlife along the river banks.  Contact us to plan a trip today. 

Fun for the whole family

 Boating is fun for everyone.  Young and old alike will enjoy a trip down the river in one of our several boats.    Whether it is fishing, cookouts, or simply enjoying the view, there  is something for everyone here at Linden Canoes and Kayaks. 

We will accommodate you

 Whether it is just the two of you, or a large group of explorers, we will set you up with the boats you need.  Contact us today so that you don't miss out on the date you like best.  Check our hours and rates to start planning today. 

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